‘Work in Progress’: Meaningful art on containers

Remember those fight scenes in Bollywood movies that used to be shot amidst huge containers placed one over the other in a vast open space? As a child, I may have sometimes fantasized visiting one such place but never knew where they existed in real. Because, if you search for ‘Container grounds in India’ on Google, it will provide a list of Cricket grounds. Oh the obsession!

A few days back while scrolling through ‘Instagram’ (whoever said it’s a waste of time), I stumbled upon this street-art show going on in Delhi. They’re calling it ‘work-in-progress’, where artists from all over the world are painting those huge containers. Some of them have even displayed their art inside these steel boxes. So you can not only view these giant pieces, but can practically walk into them. Here are the clicks:

Where Elephants are blue
And eggs bigger than Elephants
A gentle reminder!
Eyes that talk.
Out of this world 😉
Paintings on display – inside the containers.
A click from a corner.
May all women be strong
The cute (and talented) artist
Merging mythology with art – From ‘Ink Brush Me’
When water-tank got a make-over

That’s some out-of-the-box work with the boxes. I felt it’s not just vibrant and attractive, but also meaningful to a great extent. If art in any form has ever interested you, go visit. Entry is free!

Things to know

Venue: ICD Tughlakabad, Delhi. The nearest metro stations would be Tughlakabad and Govindpuri (almost equidistant). Auto-Rickshaw shouldn’t charge more than Rs.50.

Timing: 12 PM to 7 PM, only from Thursdays to Sundays, until February 28th, 2016.

Additional tip: If you are a female, planning to visit on your own by a public transport, the auto-rickshaw would drop you to the ground but for coming back, please try and book a cab. Or else, you’ll have to walk about a kilometer to reach the main road. No, it’s not the walk that bothered me. The path is full of trucks parked on both the sides with their drivers peeping from all corners, most set of eyes secretly asking, “How dare you?” while the others gaping sleazily.

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  1. Wow that looks so cool! Great pictures! I love it went shipping containers get used for something else other than being stuck on the back of a truck or ship! In Jamaica, they get painted bright colours and used as bars and shops!

  2. Ah, this really looks interesting. I am kind of a fan of street-art and graffiti and never knew something like this existed in Delhi!

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. It surprised me totally. Loved the art work being a fan myself. I guess they had opened for a couple of months for the public and is now closed. Not sure, you can check before visiting.

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