What Not to do in Goa and Why!

Last month a group of friends were planning to Go Goa because they were getting cheapest air tickets and they invited me to join. Two minutes into the conversation, their itinerary (or lack of it) helped me from wasting my five valuable days staying immersed in pools of Goa Hotels and getting drunk on Baga beach.

Don’t get me wrong. Its fine if that’s your idea of a vacation. What made me cringe even more were things like leaving the hotel room intentionally dirty because they paid for it, acting drunk in public when they weren’t and puking everywhere when they were actually drunk. They left me thinking if five people who I know, could piss me so much, what about the thousands others who are damaging Goa every day. Here’s a short message for them suggesting what NOT to do which goes something like this:

  1. Don’t Ride without a helmet – This holds true anywhere else in the country but specifying it for Goa is important, because most of us hire a motor bike there. Get a helmet. Keep yourselves (and others) safe. You might want to die on your vacation, others may not. Also, Goa is not a holiday spot for everyone. It is home for a lot of them.
  2. Don’t ogle at women in bikinis – I know you haven’t seen them before but don’t be the reason for banners outside a pub or a playground saying. “Indians not allowed”. Same goes for staring at men in underpants also. Don’t humiliate the rest of us. You know most of our politicians are doing extremely well to ensure that.
  3. Don’t throw bottles on the beach– For a personal reason, it may hurt you when you walk on sand or go in water unable to see what lies underneath. For a worldly cause, it will contaminate the seas and oceans even more. Whether or not you think global warming is real, it is and pollution is just a part of it.Treat other garbage similarly. It belongs to a dustbin. Help it reach there.
  4. Don’t trouble the staff – Be it a casino, bar, café or the place where you’re staying. Be courteous. Everyone knows you’ve paid for certain services. What you need to know is that it doesn’t entitle you to disrespect anyone. They are there to do their job. It’s sad that dealing with your tantrums is a part of it. You don’t have any right to make it more difficult for them.
  5. Don’t spend all your time on the beach – Goa is rich in history, architecture and culture. Visit churches and forts; explore local dishes at a street stall or a home-food corner. If you feel adventurous, go a step ahead by signing up for day hikes or forest trails. This is more of a choice, depending on your travel style and willingness to know your destination better.

If you are someone like me, and want to add more points to the above list, let me know in the comments below and share it with those who need to read it.

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  1. The way people view Goa can really piss off many travelers, to some it’s just about partying and getting drunk! I expected the same from Goa, but when I went there, I was surprised to see the many aspects of Goa. Happy to see there are people who like to explore the other side of Goa!

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