What does ‘MAGIC’ mean to you?

At first I think of a Magician
With the black hat in his hand
Me sitting in the audience
Ecstatic to see the magic wand

As I child, I was fascinated
By those tricks played on stageEven tried a few at home
Only to my mother’s rage

Going with the flow as I grew up
Through school, college and a fancy job
I had almost forgotten
That it’s possible to stand out of the mob

Before leaving the cubicle though
I had to decide on ‘What Next’!
Arts and crafts, rural development,
Or would travel blogging suit me best

Five months back I departed from the desk
And it’s been a better life since then,
With all the time for exploring my interests
And being the creative self again

Of course it’s not an easy road
Quite the opposite to tell the truth
When your money is only going
The transition is anything but smooth

But I am glad I could take the plunge
Or else I would have never known
What lies behind the limits
Created by socially acceptable clones.

© 2015 – 2016, Swati. All rights reserved.


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