Personalized travel accessories and my First Instagram Contest

Last month, good folks at Perfico got in touch and introduced something called ‘Personalized Passport Holders’ to me. Now you may not know but since some time, I have been trying to restrict the number of things I own as I’m also a Millennial who is attracted towards the concept of Minimalism. The aim is to bring the count of everything I own to hundred. After all, it helps to keep the possessions limited when you’re living out of a backpack since a year. Travel accessories have almost no place in my life because I usually don’t have an extra drawer where I could dump the stuff I don’t need temporarily. My temporary is a permanent.

But, the designs of Passport holders I was offered were so attractive that I was tempted to try one of those. Soon, I communicated my favorite option over e-mail and next day, the product was at my doorstep, within 24 hours from Delhi to Indore. If you are connected to me on Instagram, you may have seen it 😀
If not, here’s a picture:

A sleek and spacious Passport Holder with surprise Luggage Tags

Honestly, I haven’t been able to use it yet since my passport is lying at my parents’ place that I’ll pick this month on my visit to meet them. For lack of any international travel plans in near future, I had given it to them to keep it safely. About the luggage tags, I was afraid they’ll get dirty and so, they’re also packed neatly right now.
I’m sure the holder serves as a wallet too with multiple pockets to slip in some cards and notes.

My friends on Instagram really liked the style and colors of both the products. What’s more, the team at Perfico readily agreed to give-away one such customized set to any one of you which brought me to hold my first contest on my Instagram handle, where you had to upload a picture of your Passport and your travel bag stating a reason why they need a holder and tags respectively.

I received several entries and it was difficult to choose just one but it had to be done. So, here’s the winner: Shilpi Nanda
Instagram handle: @shilpiliciouss
Yayyy! You can choose any of the designs from this link.

Those who couldn’t win, you don’t need to worry. I will come up with something else in a few weeks. Until then, join my journeys on Facebook and Instagram or say ‘Hello!’ on Twitter
I’ll be spending next week around Dehradun and then a week in Allahabad. Let me know if you have any tips to explore these two destinations or if you’re around and want to meet 🙂

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