Parting ways with old familiar belongings: Not easy!

I hate to part ways with old things.
But the baggage of nostalgia
can be too much to carry.
Things that were once mine, may not always be!

That printed cotton Salwar I wore to work.
Even the cubicle had an air of comfort on those days.

That hand mirror mom had slid in my bag
when I was leaving home for college.
“Your hostel room may not have a mirror”, she said.
And it didn’t.

That brown-white shell I had picked up,
on my first beach walk,
or the coffee beans I had collected,
from a neighborhood café.

Those Sudoku and Crossword books
I kept on buying,
one each from my favorite bookstores
in Lucknow, Bangalore & Hyderabad.

The video game they gave away,
thinking I wouldn’t want to play it again.
How can you expect someone,
to not go back to Tetris & Mario?

I hate to part ways with old things.
But we need to clear them out every once in a while.
You got to de-clutter.
Especially when you’ve been changing homes since forever.

This was first published on my Instagram account.

© 2016, Swati. All rights reserved.


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