5 ways to be a responsible traveler

Every time, I am out on the roads, I overhear people complaining about traffic and pollution. Have you ever thought who is responsible for it? Commuting to work, just by yourself in a car, for 30 odd kilometers one-way, makes you the traffic more than anyone else. Similarly, it astonishes me whenever someone blames the world for global warming while their own TV sets are switched on without an audience. My own family does it, for that matter! In recent years, people have started travelling more than ever. But, sadly a lot of them don’t know how to do it

Janjira fort : An age-old marvel in pictures

When I decided to do a solo trip along the Konkan coastline in Maharashtra, I hadn’t even heard of Murud. The region was as new to me as India for someone living in Mexico all their lives. So, I asked for help with destinations and itinerary, on a Facebook travel group for women. There, a kind lady suggested a few lesser known towns I could explore over 12 days, Murud being one of those. After a longer than expected rickety bus ride from Mumbai, I got down in the dark streets of what looked like a sleepy little town. Little

2015: A year of many ‘Firsts’

While spending 1st day of the year strolling around the beaches of Pondicherry little did I know ‘2015’ would turn out to be ‘Travel’ focused. Or so, I’d like to put it. Because, on second thoughts it was much more. It was about having a lot of me-time, which is becoming a luxury these days. It was about taking chances. With extensive research, planning and a few thought-out decisions, I managed to do things I hadn’t done before. Here are five of the major ones, in chronological order:

Doors of Pushkar: A Photo Story

I wonder why ‘Doors and windows’ make such beautiful pictures. Is it just the colors, design and built, or something beyond that? Imagination? Nostalgia? Stories? Belonging? Curiosity? Why do some people are so passionate to capture those? There are photographers specializing in the field. It has become a niche in itself. I am slowly getting the fascination, and through this post, I’m trying to find out what makes you ‘Click’ a ‘Door/Window’. Why a space in the wall, when covered with a barrier becomes more interesting?

“Happiness is a state of mind”: Lessons from Bhutan

We often relate happiness with smiles and laughter. It is definitely a factor, but not the only one. From what I’ve seen, eyes light up more than the teeth, when someone is happy. On my visit to Bhutan, only country that measures its economic development by Gross National Happiness, I imagined that people would be grinning from ear to ear with enough reasons to count. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

2015: My year in books

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” ~ Groucho Marx My inspiration to write comes from reading, travelling, and meeting people. Ever since I was a child, I liked to immerse myself in pages written by others. As they say, you should never leave your childhood habits. They make you stand out of the crowd. I am glad I found comfort in books, at times more than in people. From comics, to dictionaries, to accounting and business studies. And now, fiction novels.

2015: My year on Instagram

When 2015 started, little did I know that I would actually take the leap of faith from spending 15 hours a day on desk to 15 days a month traveling. I started updating my travel stories on Social media – mostly Facebook and Twitter. While I was hearing all around me, about how cool Instagram is, I dreaded using it because of its limitation to Phone. A friend then suggested to run a series based on a theme for a few days, which will not only engage other people but will also commit me to post one picture a day. I

Goa: House on the river

For me, it was a real treat just lying on the deck, reading a book, soaking up some sun during the day and star-gazing at nights. From what I saw online, I had finalized the place mainly because of these reasons: An entire place to us. A wooden deck with the river flowing behind it. Now how does one refuse that? It looked great + serene in the pictures, which can be misleading at times, but sometimes worth the risk. My friends were too lazy to look for something else, so they gave in and agreed on it.