My Favorite Budget Eateries and Cafes in South Goa

I’ve been eating lesser vegetables and more seafood & meat in my last four months in Goa. It’s hard to resist specially when it’s widely available and most of them cook it better than they do the veggies. Usually, I try to prepare breakfast and dinner but lunch is almost always outside because I work out of a co-working space and even when I work from home, cooking three meals takes up a lot of time.

After a few rounds of hit and trials, I’ve found 5 reliable places to eat out:

Mom’s recipes

Aptly named, it’s strategically located at Verna Industrial Estate to attract people working in the offices nearby. For me, it’s on the way from home to workplace with a few meters of detour. They are open throughout the week, except on Sundays, only for lunch though. There is also an option to get the food delivered if you’re in the area.
What to order: Thalis and Curries
What not to order: Chapati
Phone no.  +917387100099
Location: On Google Maps

Chi:Noa Kitchen

I have been eating a lot of junk and fast food since a long time (years) and have begun to get tired of it. In an attempt to switch to healthier options, I’m on a lookout for nutritious replacements that are easy to use in everyday cooking and eateries that are easy on stomach as well as on pocket. This one checks both the points – a quiet, friendly café generally not crowded.
What to order: Cappuccino, Burgers and Sandwiches
What not to order: Snickers Shake
Phone no.  +919881471898
Location: On Google Maps


This is where I go for a healthy bowl of fruits and a refreshing glass of juice/shake. Everything I’ve ordered until now has been freshly made and tasted delicious. The best part is that even if they exceed the quantity by chance, they give the extra to you 🙂
There’s a branch in Panjim as well but I haven’t been there.
What to order: Custard apple with dates smoothie, Coffee Chikoo Shake
What not to order: The usual fruit juices simply because you can get them anywhere else.
Phone no.  +919881471898
Location: On Google Maps

Go here if you want to hang out in a shack-kind-of place away from the beach, with Goan vibe, in terms of ambience, people, music and menu. Drinks are super cheap and snacks are perfectly cooked. A little hard to find if you’re going this way for the first time but you are sure to be delighted once you’re there.
What to order: Drinks and Seafood
What not to order: Fusion recipes like Ladies finger stuffed with Prawns
Phone no.  +918322711125
Location: On Google Maps

Da Tita

Who goes to Goa and eats Dominos Pizza when they get it in their own city!
Well, a lot of us do and to tell the truth, I have been a culprit on my first trip to Goa. But now, I head straight to Da Tita for all my Pizza cravings. They make it fresh, right in front of you in a wood fired oven. You can see the dough being flattened, the cheese dripping and toppings of your choice decorating it colorfully.
What to order: Pizzas
What not to order: Salads
Phone no.  +919552530743
Location: On Google Maps

I’ll keep adding to the list as I explore more, and may break it into two posts – Around Madgaon and around Vasco – two major towns in South Goa. Let me know if you have a lesser-known favorite and I may go there to try the dish recommended by you.
Disclaimer: The suggestions of items to order (or not) are based on personal taste and experiences.
Additional Tip: Don’t hesitate to go to any of these places even if you’re traveling alone. They may not have ‘Table for one’ but they won’t judge you for not having a companion.

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