Los Cabos, Mexico – One of my dream destinations!

Mexico has been on my mind since a while, specially Los Cabos for its worldwide reputation of being a premier holiday spot in the country. To choose stay options, I got to know about the amazing Los Cabos vacation rentals. Here are some other activities I’d like to do and place I’d want to visit:

Land’s End

One of the most famous attractions of the local area that’s known to offer spectacular sights. El Arco, the iconic arch on the tip looks totally fascinating. The tide changes every few years and if you’re lucky or (extremely calculative), you may find it low enough to even walk under the arch. A swim at Playa del Amore, commonly knows as Lover’s Beach is also said to be wonderful. It is, however, not recommended to swim on the other side of the beach as the waters there can be rough and you may find ocean rips that can drag you out to sea.

Pelican Beach

Not too far from Land’s End, is Pelican Beach. it would be interesting to see the Pelican Rock, which is also climbed by many who eventually jump into the sea. An adventure, I’d definitely want to indulge in, something similar to what I once did in Rishikesh, many years ago. You can also snorkel in the clear waters here.

Chileno Beach

Particularly popular with locals, and hence, likely to be marvlous. It is supposed to be quieter than any other beach in Los Cabos and one of the cleanest in Mexico. Snorkeling and swimming are main things to do here, especially because of shallow waters. A variety of species of fish to see in clear water would make it even more fun.

Scuba diving

The huge number and different kinds of Fish, Reefs and rock formations make for a truly unique experience when it comes to Scuba Diving here. Cabo Pulmo, for example, looks like a giant aquarium with more than 300 species of fish. Better to get a diving certificate before heading there or go for helmet or Snuba diving, a mix of Snorkeling and Scuba Diving.

Glass bottom boat ride

For those who aren’t too keen on being under water, take a glass bottom boat tour to look at beautiful sights under the sea, from a distance. I’d probably do both since these are extremely affordable (depending on how many of you go together) at just about Rs. 5,000 for the entire boat. It’s also a convenient way to reach Land’s End.

Medano Beach

Slightly different from the beaches mentioned above, this has a lot more going on in terms of activities that are available there. Quite a good number of bars and tourists also, but I won’t let that deter me because I could also Para-Sail, Kayak and Jet Ski here. The dose of adventure sports would be taken here.

El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve

It lies further northwest up the coast, but looks well worth to get there. At little less than 10,000 square miles, it is the largest wildlife refuge in Mexico. It would be exciting to explore the flora and fauna that call this place home and how they have adapted to the extreme conditions of this region, such as strong winds, dry weather and a lack of rainfall. It also has many species of plants and animals that do not exist anywhere else on that planet, making it even more special.

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