Hyderabad – From Indifference to Love

The relationship has been strange. It’s like how you have it with your parents. You don’t really have a choice there. You never actually think if you love them or not, until a point where you have to leave them and you realize how invaluable it was, throughout. It doesn’t matter to me if Hyderabad is a part of Telangana or Andhra Pradesh. It’s like when your sister gets married and changes her surname. You know she will always be that sister you still fight with, for a scoop of ice-cream or the TV remote.

There are cities that keep calling you back. For most of us, it may be our hometown, for others it could be where you completed your college or where you met your girlfriend or had your 1st baby. For a few people I know, all these things happened at the same place!

Hyderabad, to me, was one of those places where I just landed up, without a plan, with a purpose though. It is one of those cities that I did not feel anything about until I left it. Now that I am here for the 3rd time in 8 months after officially leaving it, I am finding it really hard to say ‘Goodbye’, because I know this could actually be the last time, for some time. I know I will never be back here as I used to be. With just about 7 hours until my flight takes off, I just sit beside my hotel room window; look out wondering how, at times, so calm and peaceful such an otherwise loud and busy cosmopolitan town can be.

I did not like anything in particular about this city, but I didn’t mind anything either. From the Hyderabadi dialect to its biryani, there is some level of uniqueness to all of it. Only here can people sound polite and blunt to you in the same sentence! Hyderabad welcomed me with all it had and I left it with many firsts (like the 1st job and all things related).

Guess, you don’t say goodbye to some people and places. They just continue to stay with you, even after you leave!

Do you have a similar connection with any place? Please share your experiences.

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