Heritage – What does it mean to me!

An ancient charm, a sense of belonging, a place that makes my curious instincts alive by presenting numerous questions and eventually answering those itself.

It can be a monument, an old village, a barren land, ruins of a king’s fort or just another building at the same place where my grandfather saw it as a boy. It can be the way people dress up or talk. In fact, it can easily be a way of life.

Heritage to me is all of that and everything else that is preserved over the years and deserves to be protected for the times to come. It is the taste of ‘Tundey kebabs’ in Lucknow, ‘Paradise Biryani‘ in Hyderabad, and ‘Malai Chaap’ in Delhi. It is the ‘Havelis’ in Rajasthan, ‘Forts’ in Chhattisgarh, and Temples’ in Tamil Nadu.

It is the way you get lost in thoughts while walking down the lanes where you grew up, while looking at that silver plate that once belonged to your mother’s grandmother, or while reciting a story to your children exactly how your dad told it to you. It is something that makes you feel you still have a place to go back to, where you can sit for hours and continue to be astonished at how there could be so much of legacy associated with so little.

What does Heritage mean to you? Please share your thoughts in comments.

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  1. Hello Swati
    Your blog took me back to my roots. You know I am the latest gadgets technology freak. The questions you raise about our heritage and the sense of belonging it gives to our past, made me really think. Now I observe, and try to look within the outer surface of things, be it ruins or old structures or cuisines.

  2. Swati! It is very unfortunate that in our country heritage is not taken care of /destroyed /overlooked. I’m not sure but I guess one of the reason is that either we have been growing up with thoughts that everything related to old times is ‘past ‘ and has no future or ingrained with idea to just look forward. We don’t realise the value of heritage which is strewn all around us and is legacy passed on to us! Or could it be that we have become too materialistic? It such a sad feeling!!

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