An encounter with Crocodiles – A Photo Story

I was amazed to see how they seem to be lifeless for minutes and start moving the next moment. Imagine, if we humans start doing that and this world would turn into an even more terrifying place. 😀

Crocodiles, alligator and snakes. I would like to call them the creepy creatures I would dread to be around. However, when I visited the crocodile banks in Chennai, India, I could not stop myself from capturing these lazy looking animals, happily lying and crawling in their own space.

From a local guide, I got to know that these can be really fast in short distances and have sharp teeth that can bite strongest of all animals. So, it’s advisable to maintain a decent amount of distance even though they are on the other side of the barbed wire.

Here are some pictures:

This one was smiling at cameras
The Gang!
Lazing around!
Best friends?
Looked dead until it opened its mouth
From one pond to another

I realized a lot of people don’t visit these banks (as they are called) thinking it would only be another park or zoo. But, if you want to make some behavioral observations about how crocodiles or other aquatic reptiles lead their daily lives, or even just want to watch them closely, I would highly recommend a visit next time when you are in Chennai.

Have you ever spent some time with any similar animal all around you, or with crocodiles in particular. Please share your experiences in comments.

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  1. I agree these are creepy creatures. Our crocodiles in Australia are the same. They are superb in water and for a short distance close to the bank but if you remain a good distance away from the bank you can easily outrun them. They can jump high out of the water so sitting in tree branches hanging over the water is also a spot that could be dangerous.

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