Doors of Udaipur: A Photo-Story

Amidst traffic congestion, honking of Auto-rickshaws, vendor calls of “Madam”, traditional havelis co-existing with old chai-samosa stalls alongside quirky coffee-shops of Udaipur hotels, impatient bikers making their way through mirror studded dupattas hanging on both sides of shops and all the sounds turning into noise, I fell in love with the streets of Udaipur.

It was my second trip to the city, for a new beginning. I was getting out of a few comfort zones yet again. A lot of surprises awaited and at that time, I didn’t know that they would be capable of dividing my life into two phases. What they were and where they led me, are probably stories for another day(s). Before anything, I decided to walk around the old market area, from Lal Ghat to Gangaur Ghat, Hathi Pol and Bada Bazaar, also passing through the ‘Heritage walk’ path several times. It was a treat to just be there. On these walks, in the by-lanes, through random turns, I met many doors and captured some of them.

Fondness for colors
Keeping the message clear and concise 😉
The Grandeur of City Palace starts from its entrance
Locked and Broken!
Elephant and Horse symbolize Good-luck and Power in Rajasthani Art. Did you know?
Have you been to Maharana Pratap Memorial? This one stays there.
Right across the gateway of Gangaur Ghat, this blue door sees a flock of tourists passing by everyday
Abandoned or Protected?

It’s amazing how all these are distinct from each other, how they suffice individually and yet, fit gorgeously when put together in a radius of hardly a kilometer. Have you knocked on any of these, or own one such door in Udaipur? Let me know in comments below and I’d love to document its story on my next visit.

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