Doors of Pushkar: A Photo Story

I wonder why ‘Doors and windows’ make such beautiful pictures. Is it just the colors, design and built, or something beyond that?
Why do some people are so passionate to capture those? There are photographers specializing in the field. It has become a niche in itself.

I am slowly getting the fascination, and through this post, I’m trying to find out what makes you ‘Click’ a ‘Door/Window’. Why a space in the wall, when covered with a barrier becomes more interesting?

For me, it could be an inquisitiveness to find out what lies behind. The need to know how different or similar is that closed little world to mine. But, sadly, most of the times, all I could do is ‘Snap’ and ‘Move’.

Here are a few shots from my recent trip to Pushkar, Rajasthan:

Doors Pushkar Rajasthan
Doors Pushkar Rajasthan
Difficult to reach!
Doors Pushkar Rajasthan
Doors Pushkar Rajasthan
Doors Pushkar Rajasthan
Doors Pushkar Rajasthan
Doors Pushkar Rajasthan
Doors Pushkar Rajasthan
Doors Pushkar Rajasthan

Have you noticed how different they look from the inside. Nobody even cares, unless it doesn’t get locked. 😉 Windows, however, seem to be more poetic from the other side. To look out of, to wish, to dream, to sip a cup of coffee, to enjoy the breeze, to escape!

What do you associate with doors? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. for me, doors/windows (esp. period homes) remind of my childhood. the artwork in the frame of doors, their extravagance and the sheer size can only be found in rural India (the place where I have been brought up). Mostly vintage for now a days urban buildings.

  2. Lovely post… my favorites are last two! Simple yet beauti! Pushkar still retains it’s old world charm escaping modernization. I loved the featured image as well… clicked by you?

  3. Fabulous pictures! 🙂 Loved the post being a door and window lover myself.
    Doors have always fascinated me. They are expressions, emotions of people living within.
    Many of them are links to an old, forgotten era.
    If you are on Instagram you can find many such doors on my feed. You can connect at @divsigupta


  4. The “Traditional” door photo speaks to me……. I find doors a barrier. If they are closed it means you are not invited, Open means welcome , but one with a slight crack or opening arises curiosity to peak through and find out what is on the other side 🙂

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