An evening in Pashupati Market, Nepal: Via Darjeeling

On a trip to the misty (because it was June) mountains of Darjeeling, we (I along with my parents and sister) were driving on a road when a local accompanying us informed, “Ye right side wale ghar Nepal mein aate hain.” (The houses on the right side of the road come under Nepal). Much to our amusement, we went on for about 10 minutes on the border road that was common for India and Nepal, left side belonging to former while the right side to latter.

Darjeeling – A tranquil sojourn

A city where I experienced all four seasons in one day, every day. The mornings were sunny, afternoons rainy, evenings foggy and nights cold. The order may have differed but it happened on all 3 days of my stay in Darjeeling. A city where the main gate of a few homes opens on a railway track. Something that caught my attention every time I saw one such home. A city where cars and trains run side by side, on the same road. Where some people still prefer walking instead of driving or taking a bus, train or taxi.