Parting ways with old familiar belongings: Not easy!

I hate to part ways with old things. But the baggage of nostalgia can be too much to carry. Things that were once mine, may not always be! That printed cotton Salwar I wore to work. Even the cubicle had an air of comfort on those days. That hand mirror mom had slid in my bag when I was leaving home for college. “Your hostel room may not have a mirror”, she said. And it didn’t. That brown-white shell I had picked up, on my first beach walk, or the coffee beans I had collected, from a neighborhood café. Those

5 things my parents never taught me  – For good!

For the 1st few years of my life, I had a limited interaction with the outside world. Let’s just say I was a shy child! My opinions were mainly my parents’ and I am glad most of those made me what I am today. There are things your parents tell you — to follow a few practices, behave a certain way (or not), indulge in some activities. But that’s all they can do. The rest, and maybe most of it, is what you see and observe – their actions, beliefs, choice of words, including overheard conversations. Yes, we have had our own

10 ridiculously stupid things I heard in last week

I love to be quiet and alone. I can do it for several days in a row. If not by myself, I’m extremely happy if I’m with one of my favorite people. But, just one! Anything above that usually becomes a crowd. Not comfortable in groups. Love to stay away from crowd. Prefer villages over cities. So, on days I get out and step in the so-called ‘real’ world, I get to hear bizarrely annoying things, some of which I can’t even comprehend. Honestly, I’m tired of questioning/arguing with people because in most cases, they are living in a world