India to Bhutan Entry permit : All you need to know

Visiting Bhutan can be complicated depending on your nationality. But, as an Indian, I fall under the advantaged category (for once) and can visit this peaceful nation without any hassle. When I decided to go, a few friends had been there. Hence, they became my vital source of reliable information. If you need a Visa, there are several rules functioning around it. If not, you will have to get a permit.

“Happiness is a state of mind”: Lessons from Bhutan

We often relate happiness with smiles and laughter. It is definitely a factor, but not the only one. From what I’ve seen, eyes light up more than the teeth, when someone is happy. On my visit to Bhutan, only country that measures its economic development by Gross National Happiness, I imagined that people would be grinning from ear to ear with enough reasons to count. I couldn’t have been more wrong!