Why I Want More Women To Travel By Themselves?

In all the years of travel (and life), I have often found myself to be the only female in railway compartments, local buses, airport queues, hotels, eateries, auto-rickshaw stands, meeting rooms, parks and once, as a teenager, even in a classroom. It doesn’t make me visibly uncomfortable unless the men act creepy. But, mentally, I have not been able to make peace with it. The efforts to sleep in a way that your cleavage or lower back doesn’t get exposed to attract unavoidable eyeballs

My Favorite Budget Eateries and Cafes in South Goa

I’ve been eating lesser vegetables and more seafood & meat in my last four months in Goa. It’s hard to resist specially when it’s widely available and most of them cook it better than they do the veggies. Usually, I try to prepare breakfast and dinner but lunch is almost always outside because I work out of a co-working space and even when I work from home, cooking three meals takes up a lot of time. After a few rounds of hit and trials, I’ve found 5 reliable places to eat out:

A day with rural communities in the villages of Mysore

“It will be a long day”, said Vinod, who was accompanying me to visit SHGs (Self help groups) in rural Karnataka. I was eager to know how similar or different they would be, from the SHGs I had met in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Goa on my earlier work-trips. Several activities were lined up in different villages. We had a heavy breakfast at Mysore and drove towards our first village, Doora, through green and yellow Paddy fields with patches of Sugarcane in between.

Mathura & Vrindavan through their Doors: A photostory

We had braved the morning queue to got ourselves Kachoris and Samosas at a snack shop with a tea stall. To those of you who haven’t been to Mathura or Vrindavan, it’s an extremely congested city with narrow roads where not many people like to follow the rules. I’ve been visiting since several years to meet some of my extended family members who live there. After the first few trips, I had stopped stepping out of their home to avoid the noise and clutter. But this time was different because I was on a special journey to explore this part

Doors of India: A journey like none other

Doors of India. A journey unlike any other. A journey I could never imagine being a part of. A journey that changed the way I’ll look at doors, history and camera 😉 Doors had always fascinated me. The older, the better. But often, it was the architecture and colors, sometimes the history and life around it. Never did I try to find a story behind them. “Why open something when it looks perfect as closed?” I used to think. Or was it the hesitation to intrude into lives behind it? A mix of both, probably.

7 Must Visit Destinations in Philippines

The Philippines, made of more than 7,000 islands, is one of the most wonderful and diverse places in the world. Grown and evolved under the influence of French, English, Spanish and Americans, one can see an indelible stamp of different cultures on this magnificent land. Before you set off to explore the country, it is a good idea to find the best travel deals to the Philippines. Visit those amazing off-beat destinations, top tourist spots well within your budget and discover the most beautiful places in the Philippines. Here are 7 Must Visit Places in the Philippines:

Personalized travel accessories and my First Instagram Contest

Last month, good folks at Perfico got in touch and introduced something called ‘Personalized Passport Holders’ to me. Now you may not know but since some time, I have been trying to restrict the number of things I own as I’m also a Millennial who is attracted towards the concept of Minimalism. The aim is to bring the count of everything I own to hundred. After all, it helps to keep the possessions limited when you’re living out of a backpack since a year. Travel accessories have almost no place in my life because I usually don’t have an extra

Doors of Udaipur: A Photo-Story

Amidst traffic congestion, honking of Auto-rickshaws, vendor calls of “Madam”, traditional havelis co-existing with old chai-samosa stalls alongside quirky coffee-shops of Udaipur hotels, impatient bikers making their way through mirror studded dupattas hanging on both sides of shops and all the sounds turning into noise, I fell in love with the streets of Udaipur. It was my second trip to the city, for a new beginning. I was getting out of a few comfort zones yet again.

Beautiful beaches around the world I’d want to visit

Being born and brought up in North India, I got a very few chances of listening to the sound of pounding surf on silvery sands of a beach. Some of these beaches, across the world have become so well-known, that they are the most sought after travel destinations for people to unwind and revel. Our planet is 70% water, thus offering innumerable beaches stretching from as far as Rio De Janeiro to Thailand. While the ones listed here