Beautiful beaches around the world I’d want to visit

Being born and brought up in North India, I got a very few chances of listening to the sound of pounding surf on silvery sands of a beach. Some of these beaches, across the world have become so well-known, that they are the most sought after travel destinations for people to unwind and revel.

Our planet is 70% water, thus offering innumerable beaches stretching from as far as Rio De Janeiro to Thailand. While the ones listed here may vie to score over each other, the fact remains that they are all mesmerizing in their own way, in order to offer an ideal summer getaway:

Ipanema beach, Brazil

The neighborhood of Ipanema town, in Rio, is as famous for its frenetic nightlife and upscale bars as the main beach itself. The two kilometer long area of sun drenched sand remains constantly strewn with bodies on them. Celebrities, TV stars, men, women and families mingle freely with locals on this beach which welcomes everyone openly.

Tikehau Island, French Polynesia

Said to contain the largest concentration of fish on any island in the world, the pristine shores of Tikehau beach match perfectly with the bright blues of waters surrounding it. This secluded spot is just a short flight away from Tahiti, and the postcard like pink-white sands is all I want to set eyes on, when at this most picturesque and tiny island.

Rocky Point, Mexico

The once small ‘Deep sea fishing‘ town of Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, has now been transformed into a vacation spot. Since, the beach is just about 100 kilometers from the US border, it’s a short drive, especially from nearby Arizona and California. From what I’ve seen on travel channels, the place is lined with numerous food trucks excelling in all types of cuisine.

Maya Bay, Thailand

Closer home, this stunning bay is surrounded by 100 meter high cliffs from three sides, consisting of several exquisite beaches, some of which only appear at low tide. Colorful corals, silky white sands and crystal clear water makes this one a star attraction of Phi Phi archipelago.

Blue Beach, Puerto Rico

Traditionally known as Bahia de la Chiva, the Blue Beach is on the island of Vieques. Known for some of the best snorkeling sites in the country, the waters here are contrasting shades of blue, unlike other nearby places.

The choice of a great beach depends entirely upon the individual. While some may prefer throngs of people, others may like secluded and deserted spots. Which category do you fall in?

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