An evening in Pashupati Market, Nepal: Via Darjeeling

On a trip to the misty (because it was June) mountains of Darjeeling, we (I along with my parents and sister) were driving on a road when a local accompanying us informed, “Ye right side wale ghar Nepal mein aate hain.” (The houses on the right side of the road come under Nepal).

Much to our amusement, we went on for about 10 minutes on the border road that was common for India and Nepal, left side belonging to former while the right side to latter. Narrow lanes with small eating joints serving Momos, Thukpa and tea started showing up. The architecture, people and plants looked similar on both the sides. “One couldn’t differentiate”, someone pointed out. “One doesn’t need to”, I commented.

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I faintly remember about 12 years back, we, as a family, visited Nepal via Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. The ‘badhni’ market adjoining the state of U.P. was famous for buying blankets, chocolates at cheaper price and so, we had shelled out some money on those.

This time though, at ‘Pashupati‘ market, we found sports shoes and cosmetics at steal-away prices. Not sure if the brands were original, we bought some anyway.

A much longer trip to Nepal waits – to its landscapes, wildlife, culture and architecture. Till then, these are the only memories I have, from the country, except for some blurry images from more than a decade ago.

She didn’t like us in her mom’s shop, I guess.
The battery man.
Some chilies, anyone?
It’s good to carry an ID card
The gate that divides us

To know – Your mobile will not work there and if by any chance, it does, it would be on international roaming charges. So, make sure to switch it off before entering.

Have you been to the Pashupati market? Or to any other market in Nepal? Please share your experiences in comments below.

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