About Me

Who am I?

Born and lived in Uttar Pradesh for what is still more than half of my life, I was neither brought up in mountains nor by the sea. I grew up amidst history. Probably that’s where the love for ancient architecture comes from. Something I discovered only when I started travelling alone.

Thanks to my father’s transferable job (not army) and my education, work – I had resided in about 10 cities by the time I turned 25. So, there was never a permanent address but a lot of temporary ones. I hear stories from friends about how each of them has at least one unforgettable street or staircase or neighborhood or the familiar smell of belonging. I didn’t have that. The nomadic way of life is the only one I’ve known.

Why am I here?

12 hour shift desk job in accounting got boring to a point that it compelled me to try something totally unrelated. Earlier, I used to write once in a while but I enjoyed doing it. Same goes for travelling and a few other hobbies like reading, drawing and paper crafts. So, I left the job for some me-time and to do more of what I like rather than getting stuck in Get up-Go to office-Come back and sleep loop. Now that the savings are gone, let’s see how far freelancing takes me.

Lost in Maps is just about a year old and still going through a lot of hit and trial. It’s where I usually share personal travel experiences (sometimes non-travel too), tips, photo stories, and recommendations.

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