7 Must Visit Destinations in Philippines

The Philippines, made of more than 7,000 islands, is one of the most wonderful and diverse places in the world. Grown and evolved under the influence of French, English, Spanish and Americans, one can see an indelible stamp of different cultures on this magnificent land. Before you set off to explore the country, it is a good idea to find the best travel deals to the Philippines. Visit those amazing off-beat destinations, top tourist spots well within your budget and discover the most beautiful places in the Philippines.

Here are 7 Must Visit Places in the Philippines:

  1. Iloilo

    Iloilo is a mishmash of the best things the Philippines has to offer. It is called the “Heart of the Philippines” and boasts of multifaceted collection of tourist attractions and its rich heritage showcases the historical buildings, its delicious cuisine and cultural traditions.
    There is a lot more to the beautiful city, and it makes for a perfect gateway. Still largely un-touristy, Iloilo shire has its own set of worthwhile places, and the best part, one can easily plan a trip to Boracay, Guimaras, and Antique from here.
  2. Vigan
    Vigan is a loving example of a well-preserved Spanish colonial town from the 16th century. It survived WWII and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site today. Enjoy a ride on a horse-drawn carriage as it takes you through cobblestone streets. Look at those lovely Spanish style mansions and the uncharacteristic ambiance of most Filipino towns. Explore wide plazas and the street market or escape to the Mindoro Beach.
  3. Cebu

    The island of Cebu is listed among one of the top 20 best islands in the world. Located along with Palawan and Boracay, Cebu is famous for its luxury resorts, white beaches as well as rich history. The small island can be explored on foot and offers truly a once-in-a-life time experience to dive in with the sharks. Those white-sand beaches plus the spectacular diving experience, emerging eateries and lively bars are the island’s prime attractions.
  4. Boracay
    The beautiful Boracay is a beach that never sleeps, and it is definitely among the best beaches in the Philippines. Despite the fast development around, it has managed to remain pristine. You will love its crystal clear waters and the soft cashmere sands. Laze around on the sand to get that tan or take a banana boat ride or dance. The dreamy White Beach is the center of action with its postcard-perfect stretch of sand lined with hotels, restaurants and bars.
  5. Siargao

    Siargao is famous as the surfing capital of the Philippines. It is home to the best waves called “Cloud 9”, the world-renowned surfing wave. The island is must on the list of all those who love surfing. Unknown to many tourists, the island is filled with enchanting lagoons, natural pools, white sand beaches and amazing waterfalls. The major attractions include the tidal pool with inviting waterfalls, shielded by a reef barrier from the Pacific Ocean.
  6. Camiguin Island
    Camiguin Island is famous for the local delicacy, Lanzone which is a Lychee like fruit. Fruits have always been an important part of the Filipino diet, and the Island is one of the best places in the Philippines to enjoy fruits. Be there to enjoy the festival celebrating Lanzone and gorge on the fruits for free. Camiguin boasts of a beautiful landscape and most visited beaches of the Philippines. The island is well known as a natural paradise and from here you can see the Island of Bohol which is just 50 kms away.
  7. Coron

    Coron is a tropical paradise because of its postcard-perfect scenery with the crystalline waters of Kayangan Lake set against the limestone cliffs. Do not miss the opportunity to swim at Kayangan Lake, famous as the cleanest lake in Asia. Coron is a dream destination for island hopping, scuba diving, kayaking, hiking and snorkeling. The small town is filled with friendly locals and offers a great choice of local eateries. Enjoy great panoramic views of seaside as you make some island trips.

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