6 Mainstream Bollywood Movies That Capture The Essence of India

As much as the mainstream Bollywood movies are known to be far from reality, let’s just accept all of us have at least one favorite. Be it a young girl living on the streets trying to copy Anushka Sharma or a business tycoon hopping from one luxury hotel in India to another, we all have that filmy keeda we group up with.

Lately, I’ve been totally in love with ‘Tamasha’. No, I’m not a Ranbeer Kapoor fan. In fact, I went to the theater without any expectations, came back astonished and have since watched it 6-7 times on laptop. It’s not for everyone. Most of my friends didn’t like it. My parents didn’t even understand it.
But, please watch if you’re a carefree soul, a dreamer by heart, a complicated person.
If you like to narrate or listen stories.
If you think you can do something other than being a face in the crowd.

It will also give you some inspiration to visit France since it captures the essence, as they say. That made me think which Indian movies would do that to foreign audience. Here are a few picks I thought would do justice to an extent, combining the culture and beauty of our country as well as keeping it interesting:

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  1. The only one I do not agree with is the slumdog millionaire. Of course it has shown one facet of reality. But, I don’t know why the westerners and the award giving jury have fascination for only one facet of India.

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