5 pocket-friendly food ordering Apps in Delhi

Living in Delhi by myself!
Hungry forever!
Lazy beyond repair!

That’s me and a lot of my friends. But when you’re working from home, the hunger increases exponentially and laziness has absolutely no limits. 8 months back, when I had quit my full-time job and was struggling to break into freelance writing, leaving an article in between to cook an omelette was both distracting and disappointing. But, what were the options!

  1. Hire a cook – Not affordable for someone living on savings.
  2. Order from nearby restaurants – Convenient but expensive and unhealthy
  3. Hone your cooking skills – Yeah, right! If I had so much interest, this would be a cooking blog.

So, I went with the 2nd option and after a lot of additional expenditure, plus some terrible experiences, I found a few saviors. If you’re also in a similar dilemma, or going through the ‘Aaj kya khaun’ (what-to-eat) battle everyday in your head, try these 5 apps/websites. The best part is, they deliver for one person which was the main criteria for me. If you aren’t too much of a high-maintenance, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed 😉

In the reverse-alphabetical order:

They have a fixed Thali menu each day, one for veg. and one for non-veg. You can order either instantly or up to one day in advance and select a time slot for when you want it to be delivered.
Cost for 1 : Rs.100-150 including taxes and other charges.

Image credits – Yumist

It’s like your personal delivery boy. I mostly use it to get food from places that don’t have a home delivery option, for example, a ‘Chola Bhatura’ stall in my area.
There is no minimum order limit. It can be as less as Rs.20, or as much as Rs.2000 (and beyond)
Register with my code to get Rs.100 off. My code is NORIO6 and the offer is valid until April 10th, 2016.


It’s more like a college/office canteen, with better quality. They have a varied menu with soups, wraps, meals, snacks and desserts. If I’ve to recommend one item each for veg. and non-veg., it would be Cheesy Corn Salsa wrap and Double Cheese Meatball wrap respectively.
Sign up with my referral code and get Rs.75 off. It’s SWAJAQT

Image credits – Faasos

Cook gourmet
A friend introduced this to me and I instantly fell in love with their concept. Instead of cooked food, they send you a big box full of ingredients and a recipe card with step-by-step instructions. I recently ordered a Chicken meal which took less than half an hour to cook, and it was so much fun.
Register with my link and get Rs.100 off on your first order.

Image credits – Cook Gourmet

We have all heard of them. But, what you may not know is that they deliver ‘Chai’ to your doorstep, along with the ‘Naashta’. And, they do it for a minimum order of Rs.50. I am a strict coffee drinker but on a chilled out, nothing-to-do evening, I like to indulge myself with their Bun Maska and Keema Pav. You may want to try their sandwiches and iced-teas too.

Image credits – Zomato

Do you know of a similar coffee place? Or, other interesting start-ups that cater to food needs on a budget? Please let me know in comments.

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