2015: My year in books

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”
Groucho Marx

My inspiration to write comes from reading, travelling, and meeting people. Ever since I was a child, I liked to immerse myself in pages written by others. As they say, you should never leave your childhood habits. They make you stand out of the crowd. I am glad I found comfort in books, at times more than in people. From comics, to dictionaries, to accounting and business studies. And now, fiction novels.

My goal was to read 30 books in 2015. All I could manage was 17, three less than the previous year. But, I traveled a bit more than 2014. So, I guess that compensates the difference? 😉

Goodreads has immensely helped me in keeping a track of my reading goals, lists of books I’ve read and the ones I want to read. Here’s a summary in pictures.

“You get a little moody sometimes but I think that’s because you like to read. People that like to read are always a little fucked up.”
Pat Conroy, The Prince of Tides

If I analyze more, only 4 out of 17 are by Indians while the rest came from International Authors. None of them were terrible. In fact, I’d like to believe that there are no bad books. But that’s not true. There were two I started reading last year and couldn’t quite complete (not included here). So, I moved on and picked another. Because life’s too short to finish something you don’t like.

A few pieces of writing made me think about the world that exists beyond my imagination. Some cracked me up, while others brought tears occasionally. All of them had at least one line or a paragraph that I was tempted to note down somewhere, as one of those secret collection of quotations. If I have to recommend 5 books from my 2015 reads, it would be these:

  1. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban– Malala Yousafzai
    Story of a strong woman everyone needs to know.
  2. The Help – Kathryn Stockett
    Because no one is born superior than others.
  3. How To Talk To A Widower – Jonathan Tropper
    For a funny take on a tragic life.
  4. Blood, Sweat and Tea – Tom Reynolds
    For great writing style and effortless humor.
  5. Where Rainbows End – Cecelia Ahern
    If you believe in friendship and/or Letter Writing.

This year, I aim to read at least 30. All for quality, not quantity. Excited for the New Delhi World Book Fair next week. It will give me the stock for the next few months. What are you reading these days?

Note: I am in no way associated with ‘Goodreads’, ‘Amazon’ or ‘World Book Fair’. (Though I’d love to 😉 )

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