10 ridiculously stupid things I heard in last week

I love to be quiet and alone. I can do it for several days in a row. If not by myself, I’m extremely happy if I’m with one of my favorite people. But, just one! Anything above that usually becomes a crowd.
Not comfortable in groups. Love to stay away from crowd. Prefer villages over cities.

So, on days I get out and step in the so-called ‘real’ world, I get to hear bizarrely annoying things, some of which I can’t even comprehend. Honestly, I’m tired of questioning/arguing with people because in most cases, they are living in a world I don’t understand. But I haven’t learnt to ignore. Not yet!

Here are a few sentences that recently pissed me off and I realized there’s no better place to rant about it than my own blog:

  1. “She comes and goes down the stairs so quietly, without peeping here and there. Must be a good girl, no?”
    (An aunty in my building)

  2. “We are (shamelessly) throwing garbage out of our car windows, just to check if the government is keeping the roads clean. If they pick up the trash immediately, they win. Or else we!”

  3. “We don’t want to accommodate one more person in our car, because you know my son is driving his new car for the first time on Yamuna expressway.”
    (I don’t even know what that means)

  4. “Oh you eat egg on a Tuesday? Paap lagega!”
    (If it matters, this came from a middle-aged man)

  5. “Ladkiyon ki shadi time pe kar deni chahiye. Nahi to wo frustrate ho jati hain.”

  6. “You should save enough to spend when you won’t be working for 2-3 years busy producing a baby and taking care of it.”
    (We were not talking of life goals, pregnancy, money matters or my willingness/lack of it to reproduce. I still can’t understand where it came from.)

  7. “I love Delhi for its show-off, flashy weddings, and people swearing & fighting without any reason.”
    (Yes, I also thought it was Sarcasm. It wasn’t!)

  8. “You can cook? Wow I never knew that! Now you should totally get married.”
    (Again, it wasn’t Sarcasm. Came from a friend, asked him to not act like a relative.)

  9. “Do you eat melon in slices, or should I cut it in cubes?”
    (Know anyone who is so particular about a melon? I don’t.)

  10. “The more beautiful a girl is, the lesser she would respect her life-partner.”
    (Don’t even get me started on the definition of ‘beauty’ and ‘respect’ this person has.)

All these are people who call themselves educated. One of them is even doing a PhD. (What for!) All of them have constant access to TV, internet, books and other sources of unlimited information. Yet, all they choose to be is ignorantly idiotic.

Closing note: Don’t be someone who talks like this.

© 2016, Swati. All rights reserved.


  1. LOL ! “Girls should be married off early, else they become frustrated”…. Where did that come from and who was the genius ? You know, even if we don’t like that sort of comment, I would be very sweet and deliberately probe him / her in front of public – in order to ensure he / she attains and displays his full stupidity 🙂 What you say ? Good post…

    1. Lol ironically it came from a woman who herself got married at 32, which by Indian standards is not early 😛
      Unfortunately, I can’t sound sweet and polite even when I want to. Haha. Just asked her why would you say that and she didn’t have an answer.

  2. This is a good idea, to keep check on the stupidity in this way and then purge by posting it. 😀 I’ll see as I go how much I’ll gather and if it’s purge-worthy. I’m afraid there is so much of it everywhere we look. Especially when it votes.

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